Setting Up Apache Subersion on Mac OS X Using Brew

Setting Up Apache Subersion on Mac OS X Using Brew


Setting Up Apache Subersion on Mac OS X Using Brew


You may or may not have heard of Github, but those the deal with open source software more than likely have. Recently, Github has gone through a few changes that might make some cringe.

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Part 1: HTTP Fundamentals

Part 1 in this series includes the HTTP basics. These series will lead up to using BurpSuite and becoming a web application pen-tester.


Download here:



Part 2 will include HTTPS in detail followed by some Wireshark examples.

If you want to get ahead, below is a link to "The Illustrated TLS Connection" which will be used in reference for part 2.



Installing HTTP Fiddler Web Debugger on Debian Linux

HTTP Fiddler is (The free web debugging proxy for any browser, system or platform). HTTP Fidder is now in beta for Linux which means it runs on Kali Linux. Mono is the framework for the Window UI.

Read key features:



Easy install mode activate!


apt install mono-complete

cd /opt/web/fiddler (Create your own location of your choice)



#Run Fiddler (in current Fiddler directory)

mono Fiddler.exe



Installing HTTP Fiddler Web Debugger on Debian Linux



Linux Academy Adds CompTIA Pentest+ to the Video Training Library

On Dec 12th, 2018, Linux Academy added CompTIA Pentest+ video training to prepare you to take the exam offered by CompTIA. This video training offers over 9 hours of instructor presented material, 28 labs, quizzes, and practice exam. Bob Salmans is a Training Architect at with over 20 years in the IR field to include Networking and Communications in the US Navy.

While the training only offers video training, and no slides or study material, I would recommend getting the CompTIA Pentest+ from a major book retailer. I would suggest to review the publishers and authors of these books, as well as to read the reviews. Read the book once while taking notes on theory and procedures, and then go through the videos and setup your own Kali Linux virtual machine on VMware Workstation or Virtual Box. Below are the screenshots from the course syllabus from the Linux Academy CompTIA Pentest+ training videos for you to see.

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Chaos Hack The Box Go Live Deco 15th, 2018

Chaos HackTheBox will be released on Dec 15th, 2018 at 2018-12-15 19:00:00 UTC. You can follow along using the below link to track the progress made on this machine.

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