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ASUS RT-5300 Router Reconnaissance CPU: Broadcom BCM47094 @1.4GHz SoC (ARM Cortex A9) WLAN: 2x 4T4R AC BCM4366 + 1x 4T4R N BCM4366 @800MHz SoC (ARM Cortex A7), 4x4 MU-MIMO, 40/80MHz, QAM-1024 DualBand,… more »

Vanquish Securty IRC Channel on Freenode

Anyone is welcome to join the IRC channel #vanquishsecurity on freenode / non-SSL: 6667 Or join by web and join the channel "vanquishsecurity" more »

Hardware Taps vs SPAN/Monitor Ports

Overview When dealing with any type of security, it's always important to have visibility in the network. Any decent network security architect knows this. Looking at Windows event logs and Linux Syslog messages is not a solution to monitoring the… more »

Part 2: Setting up the IoT Hacking Lab

Want to leave feedback or provide your input? feedback at   Read Part 1         In part 2 of the IoT hacking lab, I will provide some details of the lab, and also set up the Raspberry Pi running Kali Linux.   Last year I picked up a… more »