Sr. Network Security Engineer

Atlanta, GA

Professional Experience

Technical Solutions Consultant III

HPE (Micro Focus) ArcSight Support Engineer - March 2016 – Present

Provides backline support for support cases involving HPE ArcSight Smart Connectors, Logger, and ArcMC. Performs customer support, configuration, testing, and integration tasks related to ArcSight Smart Connectors and Logger running on Java Virtual Machines with RedHat/CentOS Linux operating systems. Performs log analysis troubleshooting in smart connector’s, Logger, and ArcMC to locate and identify performance and configuration problems. Identifies documentation errors and files new bugs and feature using Atlassian JIRA. Support ArcSight platform operating systems RHEL/CentOS 6 and 7, and Windows Server 2008/2012, TCP/IP networking, and HPE ProLiant appliances.

Technical Solutions Consultant III

HPE Senior Network Support Engineer - Nov 2012 – Feb 2016

Provides HP Networking Technical Assistance in a call center acting as a level 2 support engineer for a wide variety of software and platforms. Troubleshoots, provides configuration assistance and basic design assistance for Comware 5, Cowmare 7, Provision, and multivendor support to include Cisco platforms. Works with a large number of data center, core, access, campus, branch and SMB products to include FlexFrabric 12900, 12500, 11900, 10500, 7500, 7900, 5900, 5800, 5700 series modular and fixed and chassis switches. Recommends WAN edge routers to support MPLS/BGP using 8800, 6800, 6600 routing platforms on Comware 5 and 7 software. Configures and troubleshoots hardware and software issues on 8 pairs Cisco 6500, Nexus 7000, 5500, 2000 FEX LAN Edge, Core, and aggregation switches providing IP switching, VLANs, VRF’s, VDC’s, vPC’s. Supports multiply access switches providing layer 2 access for a large environment of HP and Dell virtual and physical servers. Preforms IOS and NX-OS switch software upgrades on production switches to comply with ISVM’s. Works closely with server administrators to resolve route table, IPv4 configuration and DNS issues. Configures and troubleshoots F5 Big IP LTM 6900 and 11000 load balancers to include profiles, pools, nodes, monitors, and event logs for EaaS, SPaaS, and DTaaS. Engineered and deployed NetFlow and SNMP for CA Tools Infrastructure Management suite to include Performance Manager, Network Flow Analysis, Application Delivery Analysis, and GigaStor Observer for network performance, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Tracks BMC Remedy incidents, work orders, problem records, changes, and assets for the data center.

Sr. Network Technician

General Dynamics IT - Senior Network Technician - Oct 2010 – Oct 2012

Responsible for supporting 500+ DOD Army Humvees each involving 4 complex routing domains using Cisco 2800 routers, 3750 switches, secure in-line network encryption devices, servers, and desktops with secure voice and video. Configures static routes and eIGRP routing processes that support remote and internal routing using Cisco 3845 routers and 6509 layer 3 switches to the multi-service provisioning platform (MSPP) Defence Information Systems Network. Troubleshoots end users connectivity problems in a network control operations center by troubleshooting incidents and outages over the network using BMC Remedy. Configures Cisco Call Manager to support 2,000+ IP phones with voicemail boxes. Monitors network availability using IPSwitch WhatsUp gold. Installs fiber, CAT5e, coaxial, cabling to include testing and verifying connections using professional cable testers.

Cyber Transport Technician

U.S. Air Force – Dec 2006 – Jan 2012

Deploy, sustain, troubleshoot and repair standard Cisco VOIP phones, data and video network infrastructure systems using Cisco routers and switches and cryptographic equipment. Performs, coordinates, and integrates new network designs, configurations of network to support operations, defence, restoration and improvements in CONUS and OCONUS locations. Analyse capabilities and network performance, identify network problems and take corrective actions using advanced troubleshooting skills. Fabricate, terminate and interconnect wiring and associated network infrastructure devices to include Cat 5, and 6 as well as Fiber Optic connections.